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An agency that creates decentralized blockchain solutions, opportunities and brands.

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Smart Contracts
Solidity (Ethereum)
Document Databases
Relational Databases
UX Design
Graphic Design & Branding
Copy & Report writing
Board Advisory
Technical Non-executive Directorships


We are personally and professionally excited by the prospect of a decentralised future.

Our team can help organisations understand the opportunities and threats that blockchain technology can bring, by utilising our knowledge and experience and applying it to the blockchain space.

Our group has strong expertise in building communities from scratch, internet systems, cryptographic systems, financial markets, product design, user experience design, marketing and branding.

We stay relevant and current by creating and operating our own compelling decentralised products that disrupt and transform markets.

If you would like to find out more about working with us, please email us (team@harwood-leon.com).


There have been many fundamental shifts in human history from the revolution of the printing press to the combustion engine to the microchip.

Each shift has been significant. Innovations have traditionally been exploited by the owners of the production means, in order to to generate wealth and create huge, powerful industries.

The Blockchain is one of the first human, large-scale inventions that relies on shared ownership through a peer-to-peer system to create value.

Consensus is the real value within the Blockchain, which is reached through the power of a participation network and built upon a set of technological standards.

Already, a multi-billion dollar industry has risen out of the practice of Blockchain, an industry that is owned by a decentralised network of machines mining cryptographic transactions and wallets holding cryptographic currencies. There is no centre to the industry, but powerful concepts, brands and entities are emerging within the space.


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