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From idea to prototyping, right through to funding and exit.

Over 100 years combined experience of building and exiting tech startups, read our blog.


We build brands that delight and inspire companies and their audiences.


We use modern tools to help quickly qualify products to internal and external teams.


We use early and continuous testing methodologies to bring robust solutions.


We use a tried and tested iterative design methodology to make the best decisions.


We use fast modern development practices that have proven themselves in the marketplace.


We host projects and services to keep products living and breathing, all the time.


We can help you build your own idea by heling you raise funding, whether through private equity or crowdfunding.


We can advise on strategic decisions that require market specific knowledge.


We can help your company or organisation to become more innovative and adopt startup principles.

Current Startups

Investor.uk & Investor.us

The investor blockchain platform for the UK & the US.


Blockchain powered stories for the web.

Second Level

Blockchain transit for the 21st century.

Paul Harwood

Founder and Principal Designer

Paul has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years designing products for blue chip companies and his own internet based companies.

He studied Multimedia Design when the internet was in it's infancy and correctly predicted and took advantage of many emerging technology trends.

He is a technical practitioner and a creative. This balance makes his designs realistic, profitable and inspiring.

"Paul is one of the greatest masters of business strategic thinking I have ever come across. As I have borne witness to myself on many occasions over our years working together, he is in fact a visionary - and has the uncanny, unfathomable(!) knack of predicting outcomes sometimes long before a new market or product has gathered any momentum."

Greg Healey

Finance Technology Specialist

Greg trained as a Chartered Accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers before joining Lazard, one of the world's leading financial advisory firms. 

As a Vice President in the mergers and acquisitions team Greg built an in-depth finance and banking knowledge across a number of sectors, including alternative energy, transportation, business services, retail, media, telecoms and technology. 

Greg has been an entrepreneur for over 10 years with a focus on technology, e-commerce and business platforms.

Greg combines his professional endeavours with an adventurous spirit which has taken him to the summit of Mount Everest and on a solo circumnavigation around the world on a bicycle.

Byron Davies

Solutions Specialist

Byron is a talented Solution Architect and a technical whizz who has a track record of leading some of the largest and most innovative projects across a whole range of sectors.
Originally from an Astrophysics background, Byron has merged his deep curiosity in the way things work with his passion for technology, resulting in an exceptional knack for integration and a love of technical geekery.

Byron is an advocate of super fast analysis, rapid iterations, proof of concepts and collaborative working to bring ideas to life with the minimum amount of pain.
In his down time he listens to heavy metal music and plays drums.